Ben & Helen Holmes, Owners

A New Beginning

Mill Creek General Store has an interesting beginning. Three years ago, I became a result of the “de-employment” phenomenon that has plagued so many… after seven years with a career in cardiovascular ultrasound. As my wife, Helen, and I considered alternatives and considered our still five younger children at home (we have three in college), God pressed upon us the need to pursue a family business we could build together, glorifying Him first, building community relationships, and growing closer as a family.

Healthy Choices

Healthy menu options have always been a passion for our family as we all firmly believe the majority of health maladies can be tied to our poor dietary choices. Helen has been an advocate of scratch cooking for years-knowing it takes time-but knowing the investment in our family’s health is well worth it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to glorify God in all we do, even in the small decisions. We want to exercise honesty and integrity in our customer, employee, and community relationships. In turn, we pray that God honors our attempts to honor Him by providing us with honest employment and financial provision for our family and children.