Usually no…but sometimes yes!!!

Even though you might be craving one of those wonderful Rueben Sandwiches from Mill Creek, if you are gluten sensitive or celiac, you better steer clear of the Dellinger Mill (as we fondly call it!) Rye is one of the three gluten grains, so if you see rye on the label of any product you might be considering, you better steer clear. Also be aware that rye can also be hiding under its Latin name within the ingredients “secale.” And one other product listing, a hybrid of rye and wheat, is “triticale.”gluten-free-rye-png So, whether it’s a cracker or a bread, stay away from anything containing any of these ingredients, or you might experience any or all of the unpleasant symptoms associated with gluten sensitivity.

Now, if you really do crave the taste of rye, some gluten free manufacturers do produce a “rye type” bread. One such product Mill Creek does carry in our freezer section by Three Bakers. This manufacturer does test for cross-pollination contamination and adheres to very stringent measures…ensuring that their products do not receive more than 5 parts per million of gluten.*

*Jane Anderson, Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity Expert